14 March 2014 - Things Made Out Of Other Things is proud to announce the release of Coolson’s Pocket Pack, a fun-size word game for iPhone and iPad.

From the team that made Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet, awarded Best Game 2013 by BAFTA Scotland, Coolson’s Pocket Pack is a tasty new word game that fits in your pocket.

Coolson’s Pocket Pack mixes falling blocks and making words in a fun new way. Drawing inspiration from classic puzzle games, it starts out easy, but presents a unique challenge every time you play. It’s a simple concept - make words - but with a calm head and strategic thinking you’ll find your score depends on more than just vocabulary. Compete against your friends on Game Center for the ultimate honour: Employee of the Week!

Says Dr Emily Thomforde, co-creator of Coolson’s:

“People loved ‘Alphabet’ on the iPad, and really wanted to be able to play it on their phone too, but the game just didn’t fit. We sat down last year and designed a brand new game in Coolson’s world. Our goal was to make something just as fun, and just as challenging, but that could be played one-handed in a supermarket queue. Coolson’s Pocket Pack is what we came up with, and we’re delighted with it.”

With a fun-size price of 99¢, Coolson’s Pocket Pack will be on the App Store on Friday March 14th. It works on iPhones, iPods and iPads running iOS 7.


About Us:

Things Made Out Of Other Things is the husband-and-wife team of Jamie Montgomerie and Emily Thomforde. They are based in Edinburgh, Scotland, where they delight in making games, software, cakes and clocks, but mostly messes. Their first game, “Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet”, received critical acclaim, won a BAFTA, and is currently featured on Apple’s iPad Air and iPad mini web sites as a ‘favorite’ app.

Availability: On the App Store from 14th March 2014.
Gameplay video: http://youtu.be/KrJQBcpzFH0

Web Page: http://coolsons.com/pocketpack
Press kit: http://coolsons.com/pocketpack/press

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Emily Thomforde / Jamie Montgomerie
Things Made Out Of Other Things
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